About us

Founded in 2016 in Staffordshire, United Kingdom - The White Soul Company is a UK based company with Vegan and eco-friendly ethics as we like to make a stand towards changing the way to world views sustainable fashion. We aim to bring you an interesting and creative clothing apparel thats not damaging the environment and to raise awareness of the importance your clothing choices have to do with suitability. (As well as to show you how sustainable clothing can be far from boring)

Our inspiration comes from a love of tattoo art, street art and illustrations all mixed up a little to give you something that's a bit different, as we ourselves, like to stand away from the crowd. (so feel that there are probably others like us too!)

With backgrounds in screen printing and a wide range of art and design topics, we can always offer ideas bursting with creativity and individuality. 

One of our most important values at The White Soul Co. for us, is the environment and trying to protect it. So we only offer you clothing made from Organic backgrounds or methods without the use of pesticides or anything damaging to the local environments or workers. This includes offering you products that will easily fade away long after you have finished using them! 

Why Organic and Vegan?

Where do you see the world in 10, 20, 50 years? What does it look like?

I bet it doesn’t look the same as now. People are changing their views about the food they eat. Their carbon emissions and switching to Greener Energy but what about clothing? The items we use daily and with Fashion being one of the largest industries we can see in our society today - we need to change the way that we are producing our clothing.

Garment production is probably the second (1st being food and farming) most damaging industrial sector our planet sees and huge steps need to be taken to change the way we continue to farm these raw materials. Non-organic cottons are so damaging to the wildlife and workers through agrochemicals (especially pesticides and fertilisers), consumption of water and damage to habitats. Such chemicals which poison water and air supplies as well at the soil itself. Causing as many deaths per year as road accidents to workers.

Now imagine this on a worldwide scale with 2/3 of developing countries farming cotton for garment construction….

Something needs to change to help repair the world of the damage we have caused. Moving into sustainable fashion and supporting companies offering organic and alternative fabrics is a change that the world needs to see, to ensure the evolution of the race we are today.

Support Sustainable Fashion.

So how are we Vegan?

The Definition of Vegan:

"Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose." - The Vegan Society

Our fabrics are economically produced in environments where minimal damage to the environment and wildlife occurs. (we say minimal as cotton production for clothing is the worlds largest produced non food crop and occurs in 2/3 of the worlds developing counties. EVERY single item of clothing contains a cotton base of some form.) We can proudly say that they are organically produced without the use of pesticides and through sustainable manufacturing - ensuring workers, community and our planets future safety. Fabrics are dyed in zero-discharge dye-houses with all water being recycled.

Our Inks; again we have specially sourced inks from backgrounds which are not harmful to the environment. No harsh Chemicals are used to clean our screens of the inks apart from water (which is apparently a Chemical?) Either way our inks are non-toxic or contain any chemicals dangerous to the environment or wildlife before or after production.

We are also proud to say we help uphold and maintain any social responsibilities to help the families, workers and communities in farming areas through fair trade and other strict organisations in social and environmental welfare.