Behind the Scenes

The White Soul Company

Behind the Scenes

So, you get it. We are pretty wonderful and wacky, but thats how we like to roll. 'But where?', I hear you say.... 'do you find your inspiration?'

Well, don't worry. I shall tell you!!

But first, let me tell you a little about myself first..

Well my name's Lauren and all of this you see here is my little brain child!
My complete passion through and through, and what can i say, I love it!

Ever since I as a lil' girl back when I was 3 I was always scribbling away, drawing and getting artsy. (I cant really remember but this is what i'm told so lets just roll with that eh?)
Throughout school I loved to draw and of course Art was my favourite subject...

I cant really remember when, but I guess, around 10, I decided I wanted to become a fashion designer. Flicking through glossy and fancy high fashion magazine dreaming of the day when I was a big girl and I could do all that on my own.

Well, I suppose, what I wanted back then compared to what its all turned into now is a little from what I dreamed of when trying to fall asleep at night - but I tell you what, i'm not really that little girl anymore and I guess life gets in the way and things change. For the good!

I studied a General Art and Design Diploma in college where I learnt a lot of the skills and ideas which I find I use a lot throughout the business whether it be the printing, photoshop editing or the weird artists and influences of creativity. (Yes i do it all myself...)

This was all still a dream of mine I didn't feel ready to pursue yet so, I tried, as every fresh out of college teenager does, I tried to live in the adult working world. Working here and working there in and out of interviews for pointless jobs I had no interest in I woke up one morning and just thought to myself... "why cant I do it now?' So I did.... Something must have just clicked and I discovered some new, unfound surge of confidence, determination and self belief.

I started writing and planning a business plan. I attended some business courses and met some like minded creative people, some of which I still speak to today and its great to see their successes unfolding!
6 months of hard work, daily progress, planning and prepping and in May 2016 my Company launched it's first products for sale to the public.


But anyway, alot of people ask me where my influences come from when they buy my shirts. In all honesty, I really don't even know myself. I suppose I take influences from a lot of different areas. Music, other artists, political beliefs and other worldly views, the dark twisted bits of the mind and the idea that one day the world can all work together in a positive way, for a good cause.

Alot of my designs originally just start as a drawing on a rainy day and they span on from there. I suppose the main areas of interest for me for my initial inspiration are tattoos (which i love and have a number of), urban art/street art and the more simpler but still as expressive, just plain illustrational techniques. I guess my work is really just a mash up of these influences as well as the themes behind each piece - all mixed in my own style. ​I like the fact that my work isn't just a drawing or photo mass printed to make sales, but rather raw, passionate and inspirational with meaningful themes and ideas about the world that surrounds us. 

Our Products 

It may just be me but I like to think that I can still help make a difference in the world to help out in some way.

Did you know that cotton is the world's most valued non-food crop?, and it is produced in over 2/3 of the world's developing countries?
On cotton plants, more pesticides are used on them than for any other crop worldwide. Just to think that nearly all the clothing we each own is cotton or a Poly-Cotton blend. Wow.

I think that we all underestimate how much we actually rely on the workers and the farms producing those fluffy little cotton balls for our clothes. I only think its fair that we support and help them as much as we can, which is why I only sell 100% organic and ethically sourced fabrics. Its nice to know that looking this good in our shirts is helping the people at the other end of the line too. (and the shirts are super soft!)

The source of our products have active monitoring programmes in place to ensure that standards are being met with the international labour organisation, ethical trading initiative and other international bodies. (have a look in the labels if you dont believe us)

As well, to top it all of, our inks and printing processes use no chemicals (only water) and are economically friendly cause if we are going to do the Eco-thing we may as well do it properly eh? But dont worry, we are still going to give you excellent, great and amazing quality so dont worry about that . Our inks are just a little harder to use than the non-Eco friendly because we love you enough to put in that bit of extra effort for you. 

Our Brand 

 So you want to hear about the brand? Who you are? Who we want you to be? All that jazz?

Wow, i'm flattered...

In my company I like to think that I see a lot of myself. I like to be different, stand out but of course have a high value for my clothing and how I look because looking great feels awesome right!? and its even better when no one else dresses the same so you can express yourself as you wish and be yourself.

'Cause at the end of the day, thats what we all are really trying to do isn't it? Be and express ourselves...

I suppose I have a wide range of target audiences but I don't like to think or categorise people like that and I feel that my clothing lines are for people who like things that are a little bit different, who like to be themselves and want the world to see them for that. Artists, musicians, business men and doctors we all express ourselves in our own unique and quirky little ways. Thats what I like to tap into and help you explore.

The main theme of my brand is self expression so I urge you to get out there! Be creative and tap into the real side to you.