About us

The White Soul Company

About us

Founded in 2015 in Stoke-on-Trent, The White Soul Company is a UK based company where everything is found and sourced within the British Isles. We try to keep it British because its good to keep things straight from home.

We aim to bring you original and unique clothing that's sustainable, high quality and easy to wear. We have tailored our designs to give you wearable art-work and not just a t-shirt design. Our designs stand out and give you something unique to put on in the morning and stand out yourself! We also feel that quality is important too so have gone that extra mile to source cottons that can give you that little bit more.

Our inspiration comes from a love of tattoo art, street art and linear illustrations all mixed up a little to give you something that's a bit different, as we ourselves, like to stand away from the crowd. (so feel that there are probably others like us too!) With backgrounds in screen printing and a wide range of art and design topics, we can always offer ideas bursting with creativity and individuality.

One of our most important values at The White Soul Co. for us, is the environment and trying to protect it. So all our products are either impact cotton, organic certified or recycled fabrics (specifics on individual products) as we feel that it is important to care for the world we live in.